Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International - USA

About US

The  Fire Team initially was an outreach in the United States from the "Airlifts" that were being done overseas

Someone in FGBMFI in Brownsville Texas figured if the Airlifts. they took, worked so well,(going to another country to preach the Gospel)    Why not take small teams of people in a community to businesses and share the good news of Jesus Christ..

They gathered together to pick a name.  Someone suggested call this evangelistic work the Power team, but there was a big ministry going on at that time called the Power team so they decided against it.  they decided to  call it the FIRE TEAM and they all liked it so that is how the name came to be

During the early 2000's There was a great explosion of FIRE TEAM  activity in the Caribbean, Central America including El Salvador , Nicaragua,  and the Islands of Jamaica Grenada including the Bahamas.

A few of the Full Gospel people that helped organize and do these event were Jimmie Birtal,  and Bob Clark in   Brownsville TX

Many spectacular miracles took place in
some of these events

Deaf and dumb person that had never
spoke before. A person raised from the dead,
and many others.

Several events in Prisons in these countries took place also with 500 to 2500 people attending

In Houston in 2007 700 people came to the Lord as a result of Fire Team activity

More to come................

Sergio Oseguera
National Director of USA Fire Team